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Hello, I’m Shaunte, Doula in-Training

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Hi my name is Shaunte and I am a birth and postpartum doula. My journey began with my first pregnancy. As a new parent I was so excited for the birth of my baby. As I began to research and try to educate myself on self care/postpartum care, and newborn care, I seem to hit a ton of roadblocks. I found it frustrating that information was so scattered and took so long to find. Then I got to see all these products and wasn’t sure which ones actually worked! I was not only frustrated but infuriated that parents didn’t have the support they needed at such a crucial time. 

I needed to find an OBGYN, doula, physical therapist, and resources for classes that I felt I needed to take to be prepared. NO parent should feel this stressed, especially when it should be a joyous occasion. 
I found my doula Sabia Wade and interviewed her. I was almost 7 months pregnant at that point and she changed everything for me. I realized how important doulas really were. She had resources for me, came to visit and prepare me for labor and also assist my family. The stress seemed to lift off my shoulders and I felt ready. 
What we all need during stressful times is support, open and healthy communication, and someone to lean on when we need them. After the birth of my baby I decided I wanted to become the person I needed in those times. That is when I decided to become a doula and my business idea grew into something beautiful. Big sisters R&R(resources and relief) is here to be like a big sister and share knowledge, wisdom, and resources in your time of need. So welcome family !!! I’m here to help you on this journey called parenthood. 
All my products are formulated by me and are formulated for parents and children. All ingredients are organic and hypoallergenic. 


Services I Offer

Birth doula Services

Includes: 4 virtual sessions and email, text, and phone access to me, birth plan desires, 2-3 pre-birth
meetings, early labor support at home or hospital, labor support through birth and 48 hours after birth,
1-2 home visits if allowed after birth, backup doula services in event of illness or a long birth. On call
support at 37 weeks, resources, and referrals,

My testimony for Te

If I could describe Te's character it would be nurturing, benevolent, and professional. 
Even Though I lived on the east coast during my entire pregnancy, Te made sure to be the virtual doula I didn't know I needed around the clock. Our journey together began at the very beginning of my first trimester and she made sure I was very well informed while she was very flexible with questions and calls, especially as a first-time mother. 
Te went above and beyond and shipped her handmade belly creams to alleviate dry skin for my stretching belly. This made a huge difference in my skin and its elasticity. 
Ensuring I was in the know, she routinely emailed, texted/called, and provided visual tools via zoom to better prepare my family for labor. 
Furthermore, Te provided postpartum care for mom and baby ranging from nutrition to sleep. 
She is an absolute blessing and any family would be lucky to have an extraordinary advocate like her. Highly recommended.

Ingry Pimentel

Vent Sessions

Being a parent is hard, regardless of if this is your first, 2nd, or 8th child. Sometimes
we all just need a listening ear and someone to hold space for us in our time of need. During this vent
session, I will hold space for you to speak on whatever topic you like. This is a non-judgmental space, you
don’t have to be politically correct, nor dance around your feelings. This session is meant for you to
open up and release what feelings are coming up for you as a parent. Sometimes it's easier to speak to
someone we don’t have to see everyday and let things out. WE will begin and conclude each session
with a quick breathing exercise to ground our bodies.

Overnight Booking

Includes helping with feedings, and allowing parent/parents to sleep when baby is awake. Changing diapers,
helping parents with snacks, 1 healthy breakfast meal, ensuring if BF parent is hydrated and has water,
assisting PP person with needs(bathroom, shower, dressing)

Post Partum Booking

Pp recovery care, hands-on client and baby support, newborn care assistance, emotional support,
life/parenthood support, light housekeeping, in-home snacks, broth, resources, and referrals
Includes 1-hour visit making sure parent is bonding with baby, giving parent rest for that hour, empower
parent on their journey, walking for 30 minutes, allow the parent to adapt to the changes and balance of
parenthood. The hour that we are there allows for any this to happen while we are there during your
postpartum session.

My Thoughts

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